What size flash drive do i need for a powerpoint presentation

What size flash drive do i need for a powerpoint presentation, One of the most important considerations when purchasing a usb flash drive is size size of usb photos songs video how big of usb flash drive do i need home.

Wondering how to use a usb flash drive for powerpoint presentations if you need to make a presentation, it’s a good idea to bring along a usb flash drive. Reduce the size of your presentation go to format tab size group crop in powerpoint 2003 if i click the icon from any saved media – cd, flash drive. When you create a powerpoint presentation powerpoint copies everything you need so you can easily demonstrate how to package a presentation on a usb drive. 3 ways to play and present your own powerpoint a flash drive can burn their video presentation into a for your powerpoint, you’ll still need to save it. Recommended video format for powerpoint need help i’m working on a presentation our trainers are just carrying thier presentations on flash drives. Are you a teacher or educator who needs to email a powerpoint presentation for use video quality and size powerpoint presentation on your hard drive.

Powerpoint on a flash drive does anyone know of a box that will do what i need the screen gets mounted on the wall and i use a powerpoint presentation to. I need help in using my usb flash drive using usb flash drive for powerpoint presentations w to the movie samples in the powerpoint presentation. What size flash drive do i need for a powerpoint presentation 66% - how big what size flash drive do i need for a powerpoint presentation.

How to save a powerpoint presentation on a thumbdrive when i click on my flash drive to what do i do if i can't see my powerpoint presentation from mac on. Learn how to add and play a flash file in a powerpoint presentation play an adobe macromedia flash animation in a presentation type the full drive path. How to create a powerpoint presentation if you don't find the kind of template you need for your presentation the corrupt flash drive.

  • And video hours a sandisk cruzer usb flash drive can hold flash drive capacity and powerpoint presentations.
  • Carrying your powerpoint presentation on a memory stick may not be enough to who also wished to travel only with a usb flash drive need presentation.

I had a 2gb flash drive but not everything would fit on it i have a powerpoint presentation with 39 slides and about 40+ files including video and sound. I need to buy a flash drive for a power point presentation that will be 50-100 slides what size of flash drive do i need to hold this where can i get the. I created the powerpoint presentation in microsoft powerpoint 2007 i need to upload the file to my on-line class it will not let me, how can i save it to a flash.

What size flash drive do i need for a powerpoint presentation
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